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Ritz Carlton

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia | Work in Progress


The design intention is to create a luxury hotel ambience for residents that will provide comfort, hospitality experience with same amenities that you can find at a fine resort.

The 54-storey resort hotel-residence has amplified vertical fin as strong expression contrasted with glass light structure, modern feel, which link to a banquet hall, and café deli at podium next to street mall.

Taking in consideration lynch “the image of a city”, the development is designed to connect and to serve as a link from various paths, bar street Italian square, and shopping strip zone.

Main drop off point is located in the middle of the two towers. The sculptural form of the office and hotel lobby serves as an edge to create a focal point for the Italian Gateway.

The influence was taken from American architecture, brutalism, reinterpreting the character, detail, and language into modern style resulted into a fascinating façade design.

By: Park + Associates