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Poh Ming Tse Temple

Singapore | Completed

The new Poh Ming Tse Temple is designed to reflect the contemporary Singapore society, while retaining the Chinese cultural roots. Hence there is a conscious adaptation of both modern architecture and traditional Chinese temple influence.

Integrated harmoniously into this modern structure that house the very traditional function of prayer and warship is a 12-meter high curved glass curtain wall reminiscent of a traditional Chinese scroll. The bamboo decalcomania depicted on the “scroll”, the curved glass wall, is taken from the traditional Chinese ink painting. Bamboo, with stalks of empty core, is symbolic of Buddhists’ aspiration to reach the stage of “Kong” (emptiness) in mind and soul, the ultimate peace and tranquility. Upon close scrutiny, devotees would also recognise that Buddha’s teaching is most apparent as the whole bamboo painting was in fact formed by a cadence of Chinese letters taken from the Buddhist sutra scriptures. Thus the curved glass wall, meant to be read as a giant open scroll of Buddhist sutra, literally explores the way of teaching through visual communication with the building facade.

By: Park + Associates