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Parc Seabreeze

Located on an expansive site, Parc Seabreeze is shaped to gain maximum visual exposure to both the sea view and the city centre of Singapore. As one of the tallest developments in the precinct, Parc Seabreeze will give occupants a stunning panoramic vista of the coast along with the urban sweep of central Singapore. Parc Seabreeze stands at 20-storeys and comprises 96 units of 3 and 4 bedroom apartments with 4+1 (study) penthouses.

This magnificent property is offset from the beach with lush landscaped gardens and generous swimming pools that exudes a tranquil yet exclusive atmosphere. The landscape with surrounding planters and water features provide an interesting focal point whilst the soft sounds of flowing water relaxes one upon entering Parc Seabreeze. The recreational area is set on a landscaped deck that overlooks the terraces of surrounding low-rise dwellings. The 14th storey extension also features an integrated sky garden, a sanctuary set amidst the clouds to boost tired spirits and rejuvenate weary minds.

By: Park + Associates