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Office at Cecil Street

Singapore | Completed

In line with the firm’s sensitivity to spaces, our office features distinct spatial experiences designed to surprise the senses, where pure black and white are used for each room according to their functions, making movement through the space refreshing and dynamic For the interior, we wanted to exaggerate the purity of black and white, so it is almost like experiencing night and day in the office as you move about.

More than half of the new office has been dedicated to communal spaces, emphasizing the company’s focus on discourse and dialogue, both internally and externally. Guests are met by a luscious reception area in deep black, hemmed in by dark stained timber, which also doubles as a relaxing library and lounge area for staff. Quaint rabbit lamps line the way through a tube of soothing darkness, a welcome respite from the glare of the city.

By: Park + Associates