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Empire Remix

Malaysia | Work in Progress

With over 1 million sq.ft of retail space, the mall was inspired by the Grand Canyon. Irregular shaped plans with generous skylights create undulating elevations that evoke the feeling of exploring the showplace of geology. Like the myriad topographical layers that support diverse ecosystems, this vast consumerist temple stretches through different zones of attractions and activity, interspersed with community spaces, green terraces and water features.

The shopping podium serves as the conceptual foundation for the entire development, defining the spatial organisation and functional relationship for five other developments within the site. SOHO and Balance Towers, housing offices and SOHO units; crystal tower, a block of residential apartments; and scholar tower, a student accommodation extend from the podium. Direct access to the urban context provides a seamless connection that completes the sensual experience of navigation.

Direct access from KESAS highway to the main drop-off, tunnel access from both Periaran Subang Permai and Persiaran Subang Mewah.

By Park + Associates