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Danish Green Ways of Life Exhibition

Singapore’s Environmental policies have mitigated out hot, humid tropical climate and harsh concrete environment. This has a profound effect on our quality of life, helping to fulfill lifestyle needs and aspirations of a rapidly growth population on limited land area. The future of sustainable urbanisation lies in the twin engines of adapting hard and soft infrastructure to capitalise on technological efficiencies and promote sustainable consumption in the local context. The “EN BLOC” phenomenon is responsible for many

demolitions, primarily to maximise GFA and building height ratio following changes to regulations. Between 2005-2009, the average lifespan of a building was 25.9 years. Much unnecessary energy wastage is accrued to “embodied energy”; the amount of energy used for the production and transportation of materials, as well as for building construction. Buildings with longer lifespans have a lower annualised embodied energy and are therefore more efficient.

By Park + Associates